Duck foie gras marinated in perry

Main dishes

25 minutes
8 personnes

Ingredients :

- 1 Clos Saint Sozy non-deveined fresh (or frozen) foie gras
- 1 bunch of multi-coloured carrots
- 1 apple
- 1 pear
- 3 figs
- 1 bottle of perry
- cider vinegar
- hazelnut oil
- sunflower oil
- Guérande salt and pepper

Slice all the vegetables using a mandolin and place them in icy water.
Using a hot knife blade, cut thin slices of cold foie gras just out of the refrigerator. Lay the slices on the bottom of the plates.
Cut the apple and pear into slivers and the figs in thin slices.
Season the foie gras with Guérande salt, freshly ground pepper, and a dash of cider vinegar. Marinate for 5 min and then add 300 ml of perry to each plate.
Season the vegetable slices with hazelnut and sunflower oil, cider vinegar, salt and pepper.
Garnish the foie gras with the fruit and vegetables.
Serve with the perry used in the recipe.