Producers and breeders very attached to their region.

Expertise developed over more than 40 years


SINCE 1975…

Our agricultural cooperative is composed of men and women who work hard to create the finest foie gras, with the utmost respect for southwestern traditions, from raising to fattening, slaughtering, cutting and processing to the marketing of top-of-the-range products.

The best of the fat duck,
in the pure respect of the traditions of the South-West.

Clos Saint Sozy products are sublimated
by the passion of our men, in the service of excellence.

Foie gras de canard | Clos Saint Sozy


Our foies gras are derived from fattened ducks and geese raised and processed in southwestern France.

Blocs de foie gras de canard | Clos Saint Sozy

Blocks of

Our blocks of foie gras are available with or without pieces, in a jar or a can, and come from ducks raised in southwestern France.


Duck meat in all its forms. Discover our complete range:

Viande canard | Clos Saint Sozy

Southwestern Specialties

Make your special meals delectable with tasty and original recipes using our blocks of foie gras

Spécialités du Sud Ouest | Clos Saint Sozy