Pan-fried and poached duck foie gras

Main dishes

10 min
2 personnes

Ingredients :

- 500 g deveined seasoned raw foie gras
- 200 g chanterelles
- 20 g diced shallots
- 1 clove of garlic
- 500 ml chicken broth
- 1 stick of citronella
- 20 g ginger
- Caribbean chili

Boil the broth with the citronella, chopped ginger and a dash of Caribbean chili. Steep for 30 min.

Clean and then sauté the chanterelles with the shallots and a bit of crushed garlic, butter and salt.

Slice the foie gras. Brown on both sides. Remove excess grease on a sheet of paper towel.

Place the foie gras in a deep plate. Garnish with the chanterelles and coriander leaves. Pour the broth over the foie gras. Serve hot, straight away.